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There are no barriers within our community

About Us

Our Active Community


There are no barriers within our community.

This means that we don’t wear uniforms, we share toilet facilities, we eat together, we drink from the same cups and eat from the same plates. There are no ‘staff’ rooms, people are not locked in - people are free to access all living areas and gardens at all times and are free to use the resources of the home, for example the kitchen, workshops and hot tub.


We therefore feel that positive risk assessments are required to allow people to lead a normal life and exercise control over their own life and how things happen within their community. As such, people are involved in the daily running of their community.

This involves shopping, cleaning, washing up, cooking and doing the laundry. We feel that it is important that everyday counts in as far as people are provided with opportunities for fulfilment.

The Colour of our Community


The environment is homely, domestic and age-appropriate, as we feel that it is important for people to feel safe and free. There is an upbeat and friendly atmosphere within the community, with busy and relaxed areas available for people to enjoy.


We feel that friends and family ought to be considered part of our community and are actively welcomed, including children and pets. As a result, there are no set visiting hours and friends and family are allowed and encouraged to partake in mealtimes and the running of the home.


The garden and outside areas are put to good use - especially when the weather is good! All of the gardens are accessible and have good seating areas, making them extremely practical. We feel that is important for the gardens to be as colourful and creative as the inside of the home.


We have achieved this by planting raised flower beds and sensory gardens such as mint, lavender, thyme. All members of the community are encouraged to develop and nurture outside areas where garden sheds are open for people to ‘potter’ in and out of.



Community Life


People within our community feel safe and supported, as they would at home with their family. This is achieved by freedom of expression to love, laugh or cry and the creation of a relaxed environment which resembles a family home.


Daily life within our community is made up of very little or no routine.


People are free to get up when they choose and go to bed when they decide they feel tired, take part in activities when they desire or make drinks and snacks when they feel hungry.


Individual activities take place throughout the day and tailor-made experiences are offered to suit individual choices, where the re-creation of activities centred around past jobs/hobbies are integral to the running of our community.


Meal times are a social occasion where all members of our community eat together. People choose their courses from the menu which has been created by everyone in our community. 



Active Coexistence within our Community


Our community is enriched by the inclusion and participation of people actively coexisting. 

Our community provides friendship, support and a meaningful life.

We feel that life story work is one of the most important factors for people to form friendships. This involves asking families to provide a family tree / family history / list of important events, together with photographs, all of which will be compiled in a scrap book. As a therapeutic activity, this process is carried out with each person and their family, where people working within the community are available to help. The importance of this book means that people can get to truly know the person. It acts as a means of facilitating dialogue, making connections and providing comfort.


We feel that it is important to understand and accept the uniqueness of each individual. We make individual, meaningful connections to each person in order to build genuine relationships. This is achieved as for every person working within our community, there are three people living within our community.


Our community holds regular meetings where the entire community comes together on a weekly basis to discuss matters such as menu changes, re-decoration and holidays.


Within our community everybody has a voice and everybody’s opinion is heard which helps create a happy, respectful and dynamic community.


Merevale House

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Atherstone, Warwickshire,

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